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We are Additive Technology Group (ATG), a company engaged in advanced 3D technologies and introducing additive manufacturing in various spheres of life at a qualitatively new level due to the use of the most modern 3D equipment and our qualification.

3D printing is the best tool for implementing ideas today! In this area, a deep potential is laid: almost everything is possible with the help of 3D technologies! Experiments lead to discoveries, new materials are being introduced, new opportunities are opening up, the field is developing very dynamically!

We started from being 3D-printing studio 3D Republic, focused on interaction with designers. Further successfully created online store selling 3D equipment and supplies PRINT THE FUTURE. But the desire to develop in this field never leaves us, so in 2014 we have created a truly large-scale company ATG, engaged in industrial rapid prototyping and manufacturing of final products, using all possible technologies of 3D printing with our own equipment.
We are one of the first owners of 3D Systems Pro 500 SLS machine in Europe. Our equipment park also includes EOS Formiga P100, two polyjet Stratasys Objet printers, Stratasys Fortus 360 mc and some more. All of these allow the creation of accurate prototypes and durable parts to evaluate the ergonomics, functionality and design of any product. We help you increase the flexibility and competitiveness of your business, minimize labor costs and make it effective!

Synthesis of innovative technologies and creative approach gives rise to true masterpieces! Objects of art, interior, clothing - all these can now be created easily from the idea up to materialization.

We are open to cooperation! It is a great pleasure to create something new together, because each work is unique, interesting and gives new experience.

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